10 Reasons To Create Concepts

I started this one as a phone post the day after I made the 10 Reasons To Steal Concepts post. Since my computer died again and WordPress isn’t letting me log in on another device I’m using my phone again.

I try to be original; it makes me feel nice and I don’t like stealing concepts. My habits in writing and producing content lead me to create my own concepts even when existing concepts would serve me better. But as they say, “Great artists steal”, so let me see when is the best time not to.

(I don’t know why my tone is so different today, but it’s how my words are flowing so I’ll go with it.)

  1. It Draws Attention – when novel concepts are introduced with known ones, the novel concept will draw more attention and require more focus.
  2. Titles Are Everything – Title are interesting and can create interest and attention, especially if the title sufficiently differentiates the topic at hand.
  3. Pick And Choose – if you’re introducing a number of ideas having unique concepts or titles can help the reader chose what to focus on. It’s important to communicate that they don’t have to read everything or you risk overwhelming and losing your audience.
  4. Identity – Important and beyond my ken, having a unique identity is… Well, it’s good.
  5. Source – a copy may be the thing that gets the attention, but if yours is the first, things will be compared to it, this is like {}, what’s {}?
  6. Fun – you are free to make it whatever you want it to be, or to try and capture something you saw in a dream or felt as a child.
  7. Gatekeeping – do you know the concepts of our people? Do you use the same language? If so join us, but if not you have no place here.
  8. Growth – originality, the creation of something new, and it can begin by defining something that has not yet been defined. Upon that we expand and grow something new.
  9. Puns – a shallow reason but why not. New words for new puns. Or just possibly poetry and rhymes.
  10. Because the known concepts have too much baggage

and with that I am done.

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