Pre-Post 7

Today’s color is #DAE2A7 not that nice a color in my personal opinion but who says I have to like them.

Three Questions: (I will continue changing my formatting until I find something I like.)

If you,(I) could have one currently existing object, but couldn’t sell it or exchange it in any way what would it be? Would you just something rare and expensive, or something useful?

What if it had to fit in a 2 Meters-cubed box? Or something smaller? Did you want a huge house, how would you afford the land? What comes included? Why do I have to questions this?

Does internet society glorify lazy geniuses? Do we just glorify intelligence? Is it similar to how nobles were treated, “I want a gentleman, one who doesn’t have to sully his hands with common labor.”?

Four Creative Lines:

Fast and healthy food does exist it just isn’t sold that much. If someone could sell healthy food, that is easy to eat and doesn’t require much preparation cheaply. Or somewhat cheaply than they could probably make a fortune.

How would you make aa simulated dream without drugs, can you use VR, and how customizable can you make it? Well, the idea is to find people who remember their dreams and vivid dreamers and see what makes a dream feel real.

I am going to learn how to think and do math in binary so that I can calculate things in my head faster than most other people. Not 95% of them not even 99%, no I will be in the top 100,000 human calculators in the world.

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