Pre-Post 8

I’m writing this late because WordPress won’t let me log in on the other computer. And it frustrates me.

Today’s color is #2448EA

Three Questions –

Why can’t I do the same formatting with my phone?

What was the most creative battle throughout history?

Why does watering the grass feel more satisfying than feeding the dog?

Four Creative* Lines –

People either are or aren’t, are you real? Well probably, if you ask yourself that than it is sure, but to the person asking there can be no proof.

Why is a question children ask, and as adults we are satisfied with because. The reason is believed unless it strictly contradicts what we strongly believe. But for some, it is never real because there can be no proof. At least not based on a false world.

It is hard to convince someone that they are wrong. And it is just as hard to convince someone of something they think to be wrong. There may be proof, but it is based on the words of lairs. And for those not real, there can be no proof.

But there can be proof that is actually not proof, and that which does not contradict becomes proof. After which there can be no other proof.

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