12 Good Ideas For Posts

Well, I can’t seem to get inspired to write a good post, it’s been a bit of a slog over the last few days. So I’ll try to reinspire myself, get the posts written early, and get the hell post out of the way. I must give up on it being perfect and just get it done. And I must get it done tomorrow because I must.

I shall assume these ideas are good, for if I don’t know enough to write them I will be inspired to learn, at least for some. Well, something I hope I will be more coherent tomorrow so that my Hell post turns out well. Most

  1. Historical figures as father figures – in their lifetime and how they are seen today.
  2. 12 Actions everyone can take to help the environment – not just turning off the lights, watching your buying habits, and all that. There is only so much stuff in the world, and we should not waste things we have in limited supply.
  3. Limited Supply – When things seem as if there is an infinite amount of them and how quickly they can run out. Denial and how the existence of stuff affects how we see the world.
  4. Moving Borders – a few non-violent conquests throughout history and what we do today.
  5. 10 reasons we should learn history –
  6. 10 historical events that shouldn’t be taught in school
  7. No Lines Of Control – What borders and territory actually mean, and what they’ve been throughout history. (I like history it makes everything I make an actual story. Well if I am properly historical.)
  8. 10 Ways to define the word robot – trust me it can be good
  9. Capitalization Communication – Practise makes perfect, finding what’s acceptable and what you can do that most people reading it will understand. Also, remember that 50 years ago capitalization meant something else in some older books, so be aware of that.
  10. Idea Machine – What I can do to create more better ideas and what I do already.
  11. More Better – positive words that have to do with improvement and their different connotations. If they all have the same connotation ideas for how to use them differently to enrich one’s communication.
  12. When silly is funny – and when it is not, I need to do some research.

I’ve realized I’ve been treating some of these ideas like book ideas.

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