Pre-Post 9

Today’s color is #66DD66

Three Questions:

How would a perfect government work? how close can dystopia be to hell?

How would the torturer react if he could change how the pain was received, if he could control his target? Would it bother his professionalism? If anything is painful what is the point?

What do we fear more than pain, what doesn’t hurt when done but hurts to get close to?

Four Creative* Lines:

Why do I ask questions if I know the answer. I know what I think is right but want another answer to be true.

Why do I think myself capable of ultimate self awareness. I for if I don’t change despite all of it more won’t help.

Why is a theme so important? No really I don’t know? I have theories that I know are wrong but why do I believe them? Because I know no alternative knowledge and it hurts to be under the control of something I don’t understand, and can’t change.

When will I accomplish greatness. When I do the fucking work, sorry for my language. So why don’t I do the fucking work? not because of any self reflection based reasons, although those matter, but for simple physiological reasons and bad habits I refuse to change. Because I can change them, I can do some work so that I will do good work. And I will leave myself with no buts. And I will stop making the work, be [] work.

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