12 Password Ideas

Well my idea was incomplete and not I had not a complete idea. So the hell post is not getting posted. I hope to turn the idea into something more in the future, but for now there isn’t something coherent and complete enough for me to post. It would probably be better than some of my other posts but if I put it out in its incomplete form it disappoints my expectations for it way too much. And I would rather just post something bad.

On the other hand, today’s post will not be bad, I started early and I still have time to make something.

It’s hot and after an hour of not making anything I’ve realized, I’m not thinking clearly so let me at least come up with a few password ideas. To help me develop my theory potentially, as one of the few people reading this you are free to sue a few.

  1. MegaUltraChickenFrog
  2. PaleOldShellfish
  3. CallingOutTheDogs
  4. AlienApplePie
  5. LibertyLosingLamassu 
  6. NightStarts@6&A%
  7. Type*2!Aqua
  8. LetterLearningLizardman
  9. CaptitalCCongress
  10. CreatingCreativeCountersigns – Not the best password but a lot of fun
  11. ZoologicallyZoomingZord
  12. PreachingPatterenedParlance – Most of these passwords will be further complicated or maybe reordered, but unless this is picked up upon they’re pretty darn secure.

I further apologize for getting your hopes up for the hell post (if I did indeed get your hopes up), I intend to improve my post quality next week but the one thing I can promise is that it will be better than this week.


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