Pre-Post 10

Today’s color is #EA595E

Three Questions:

What is required to sustain a full-time job? Are there many young people who are going into it with bad habits? How many people live their lives in an unhealthy manner?

What’s the smallest scale questions I can ask? what dwells on a spec of dust, how much charge does a molecule have? Or is this the wrong approach? How much time do I sleep? I can find the answer to that and it is applicable to my everyday life, but there is something smaller, I just don’t think to ask it.

Why do we think of hell as the ultimate torture? Isn’t the Christian idea closer to purgatory, or did they really think everyone that wasn’t them would suffer for all eternity?

Four Creative* Lines:

A line that doesn’t go straight and doesn’t cross itself but create a shape that is reminiscent of a dragon but is made of the animals that the creator is most afraid of.

A line that goes straight at an angle crossing through the word creative.

A line that seems to pass through the real world and into what people think is heaven hell and every other alternate worlds people believe in.

A line drawn between planets in order to predict the future.

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