10 Ways To Say Something Was Highly-Anticipated (even if it wasn’t)

I used to be so concise in my lists, and a lot of them were pretty good. I don’t know why or when it changed, but I’ll see if I can recreate such feelings or if it is just nostalgia. Yeah, it was just nostalgia, they were full of spelling and grammatical errors (even more so than today,) and some of them were just plain stupid and incoherent. But still, there was something a bit more genuine about the good ones, and they were plain fun to make. Still I the last two post attempts today didn’t work, so I’ll try to imitate past me.

  1. Twenty years ago, experts said this would change the world.
  2. The future is now, presenting…
  3. According to our nationwide polls – worldwide also works.
  4. The newest, most advanced version
  5. Every complaint, everything you wanted is all fixed and available with our new…
  6. One day long ago, a wise man said, “if x excited y would be good easy or healthy.”
  7. All that you could ever want is here
  8. Everyone is here now – Every x is y but only with this new thing
  9. Everyone was jealous of the rich, the great, the wealthy who could afford this, now we are bringing it to you
  10. Have you ever dreamed of doing x, join hundreds of others as their dream comes true.

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