Pre-Post 11

Today’s color is #AEBF31 and I hate it.

Three Questions:

How are animals immune to their own venom? How does animal venom hurt a person? (It depends on what animal.) Is there any animal venom which you can’t be immune to? Is there any animal venom the animal which produces it can’t be immune to?

From the words, mega, ultra, super, extreme, or other variant hits hardest? What’s the difference in connotation?

What’s the shortest questions I can ask? How many variants? How few? What?!

Four Creative* Lines:

I had a creative thought once, and I’ll have one again, but I don’t think that this is the result of a creative thought, and I’m not sure if I can call it creative effort. But effort there is and I’m trying to be creative so here.

Ideas are not the same as creative lines, even I don’t know what constitutes a creative line anymore. Am I referring to lines of thought? Well, I’m trying to find an equivalent.

One day
I will go and feel free and I’ll…
One day
there’ll be nothing that holds me…

One day
I will hold myself strong and let go
Cue music

It’s fun to create and make new, and it’s hard to sell and to make it good. And so I rarely try and when others lose interest in my project, I lose passion. It’s why I stopped trying to write music, I was trying to do something groundbreaking and the people who could apreciate it heard my attempts hundred of times and tired of the tune.
But does that make me a fake creative? If I’m only making something because I want it to be appreciated? Or does that just mean I don’t trust in the quaility of my own work?

It’s funny though recently I’ve been liking my pre-posts better than my main posts. Probably because I feel more free when writing them.

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