18 Ways To Say “You Are Wrong”

Well, it’s the weekend so I’ll try a nostalgia post again. a.k.a one in the style of my old mostly worse posts (than what? you ask, well good question. Maybe I’m just comparing them to the best of my newer posts, but I get no feedback so I assume that I’ve improved since then), because I don’t have much attention for this on the weekends.

  1. You’re right but…
  2. In this specific scenario maybe…
  3. You aren’t exactly right…
  4. Well with a few adjustments you may near reality… (the truth, being right)
  5. You were right before.
  6. You will be right eventually.
  7. I might have believed you if…
  8. I guess you just don’t like winning arguments then.
  9. So you mean that you think X?! – sometimes the answer is yes, but incredulity is hard to argue against. Despite an argument, form incredulity may be purely emotional.
  10. So when you say X, do you mean Y? – It evens gives them a graceful way out. Unless used to compare their argument to something extreme. Honestly, this can be either in two ways.
  11. It seems your tired and not thinking straight, lets finish this tomorrow where clearer heads will prevail.
  12. Well, you’re wrong.
  13. You ain’t right.
  14. No way in hell is that how it works.
  15. Actually I meant something else entirely.
  16. Stop trying to be clever you, know what you did wrong.
  17. Actually, the truth is {long detailed explanation,}
  18. The world doesn’t actually work that way but your logic was good.

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