Pre-Post 12

Today’s color is #B9B5D4 and it’s still a color

Three Questions:

Should I play with the definition of words more? Are the book title posts fun? When can I call something an idea for a book or a movie or a podcast and when is it just a title? How would I measure different levels of completeness for ideas?

How realistic does a game have to be for it to stop being fun? would a 100% realistic simulation of everyday life be fun? Is it the freedom to do what we want that we enjoy? What if it was a fantasy VR thing but you felt dirty and couldn’t bathe? Well maybe if you were french… What if you were a peasant? Does something not-being-truly-real enable us to enjoy it more?

Why would this be difficult? Is it the vagueness? It did take me more than half an hour to try the third question? Am I hesitant because I think my questions are stupid?

Four Creative* Lines:

I know I occasionally ask stupid questions. Well, ones based on incorrect information. And I’m okay with that. Well, no, I’m not okay with that, but I can’t seem to avoid it. I should spend more time seeking answers. But if I was invested enough in all the questions, I ask to try and discover the solutions I would die before I was halfway done.

Are there people in the world who are so interested in a subject they would spend their time discovering answers? Are there people who have the answers but are waiting for the question to be asked? And is there room in the world for someone who specializes in discovering and asking questions, questions whose answers are needed to advance technology, health, and politics further. (well, one of them, we try to solve problems not realizing others don’t want the solutions, can you make being green easy? Can you find a better form of packaging that ships better and creates less waste? can you make it cheaply enough? All these and more, so many people spent years of their lives finding a better way to do things only for their solution to be misapplied.)

Three creative lines are not enough. Four is a good number, but I have two, and that’s for you. What can I do to make more than two? I shall write freely, nothing else to do. My rhyming is has failed and what that entails is a line of thought cut short.

One line, two lines, and a frog, creative is not the same as random. As i must be creating or attempting to do so. Something new. Creative can be new. and throwing random things out there can be creative even if there isn’t a point to it. But it must be used to create or at least with the intent to do so. So I shall not repeat myself once more today and end with one thing. Imagine a picture of a frog that is also a chicken, I think it looks cute, hut to you it may be ugly.

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