Pre-Post 13

Today’s color is #F48215

Three Questions:

What is the least unhealthy waste of time? What’s the most addictive? What can still be learned? If psychedelic drugs (probably most addictive) can provide us with some benefit is it truly a waste of time? Do drugs that cause us to have a different view of the world, are they worth the time? even if they don’t provide the enjoyment of other leisure activities?

If someone injures themself because they heard that people recovering from injury gain a better appreciation of the world do they gain the same benefit? What is the least permanently harmful self-injury? How much is the minimum amount of time needed for the change in perspective to stick?

Do people change? Do we really change after life-changing occurrences? Is it the beginning of a process and do we have to put in the work? If someone wanted to change could we create a system to help them do so?

Four Creative* Lines:

One stands at the edge of the world staring in and the other stands at the center staring out.
One stands at the edge staring into nothing, and the other at the center looks into a hole in the ground.

We stand at the edge and the center staring in and out, for we are the center and we are all. At least all we can see.

But we stand as a spec in a center of an ever more complex system, made of moving energy a universe in itself, and yet nothing to the universe at large.

Where then is there meaning? To supply our universe more time or to affect those of others. For while small universes may be nothing to large universes the universe we live within is not the largest universe we comprehend. We live within an infinitely complex World and should care for the greater universe only it how it can inform our own.

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