Pre-Post 14

Today’s color is #320A55

Three Questions:

What makes an enjoyable power fantasy? Are the lessons taught in the context of a power fantasy learned by the readers? Or are they ignored in favor of the main story? Is it more pernicious than that, with them being dismissed and ignored but read through and believed regardless? (in this case, you don’t pay attention to what your reading so you just take it as true.)

What is the value of music? Is it inspiration? Relaxation? is there any value in pleasure for its own sake? Probably, Is the value of pleasure now worth more than the value of happiness later? And is that happiness lessened if you are forced to give up that pleasure? Am I making sense?

What makes a question a deep question? Was that a deep question? Was it stupid? Are most deep questions stupid? Is a stupid question a question that tried and failed to be deep?

Four Creative* Lines:

I want to be creative all the time, but these words prove I do not always succeed. But what words are these? I use vague language in an attempt to avoid being wrong, But I also use vague language because I am unsure of what I’m saying. And I assume that is part of being creative. But to be creative I must say one thing, and I must make mistakes.

It took me more than an hour to try and write this today. And so I shall stop limiting myself so much.

Eating is bad for the health, but it is necessary; Oxygen is bad for the health, but it is necessary.
Why must kill ourselves to sustain our life, for even a perfectly preserved body can’t function with coming into contact with things that can harm it.

No perfect tool exists for as soon as you use it it gets damaged, even if only slightly, and if you can’t use it, it isn’t a perfect tool.

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