3 Ways Obligations Can Be Useful

I am literally writing this in my bed as I realized that I forget to write a post today. Still I’ll try and make this useful.

  1. Social Contact – During better times we are occasionally invited to family or social events, weddings, parties, and the like. To truly get social benefit from these events remember their purpose (or make it up); the purpose of weddings is to create contact between the friends and family of both sides of the new family. So you’re obligated to meet at least three new people. Parties are places to let go or to socialize so make small talk, it’s expected of you.
  2. Getting things done – The obvious but best in a team context they too need it to be done and if you don’t take charge it won’t happen.
  3. Health – You are most likely to exercise if a doctor you trust tells you that you’ll die if you don’t. Or maybe if the only way to get your dream job is to impress the interviewer with how in shape you are. Actors put themselves through grueling exercise routines short order just for a chance to get a role. I would differentiate between obligations “in order to” and obligations “or else”, but the terms positive and negative obligations have already been taken. Tomorrow I’ll see what else I can do with this differentiation and a better term for them.

I must cut this post short as I must be getting out of bed in a few hours. Goodnight and goodmorning wherever you are.

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