Pre-Post 15

Today’s color is #55A023

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines: (I’m putting them together today because I haven’t been differentiating them that well.)

Is it okay for me to capitalize Three Questions? Is it a title? What defines a title? How long does something have to be? The definition of title most applicable to this is: (according to Mirriam Webster)
n. A general or descriptive heading, as of a book chapter.
So what’s the applicable definition of heading?
n. The title, subtitle, or topic that stands at the top or beginning, as of a paragraph, letter, or chapter.
Yeah… so unless it’s a book title, the definition is circular. I need a different dictionary. Well, has a more versatile definition, but I think I’ll take a descriptivist approach to this and continue doing as I’ve been doing.

What’s the best way to wake up in the morning? What makes you most efficient later in the day? And what is the healthiest?
I haven’t been feeding my creativity enough recently as even this is becoming difficult. But I don’t want to promise to do something because I don’t think I can keep it. Yet I realize one thing, my greatest motivator, the time I am most likely to get something done is not when I feel responsible; it’s when I feel obligated, when I promise something or have to hand something completely in by a certain date. Especially when it’s a group project and I have to organize things. I need responsibility to others.

Responsibility is nice and all, but what about dragons? Big firebreathing lizards, the word dragon can refer to any number of things depending on the author or the reader. What do you think of when I say dragon? How many instances in popular fiction (at least some number of reads/views, I’m not sure about the number yet it requires a bit more research on my part,) are there of dragons being good or bad? What is the most common perception of them?
Is the idea of a dragon as a good or mystical or misunderstood thing a reflection of our culture? Why is the most dangerous creature so beautiful? (In many cases, dragons are not the most dangerous, but they’re quite close.)

A man may call himself a dragon to sound intimidating. But a man called a dragon by others is truly deserving of fear. Why do we fear titles given to us? Why do we not want to be the great, awesome, terrifying, or inspiring things we are called? We can always be ourselves to a family, and if we cannot, we can create a family or home wherein to do so. Adopt children who know no better, and you can be human and good and kind.
But the power of a title still scares many of us. Does it scare you?

When trying to be creative, I often end up with philosophical rambling. And when writing Pre-Posts, I end up creating more than the actual post for the day. I sjould probalby change my methods, but for now, have a nice day, and see you later.

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