An Obligatory Quicky

Things are way too complicated, I can make useful distinctions but they far to general all and apparently subjective. So the “in order to” “or else” distinction will need to be generalized and reworked. And even I’m not sure if I’ll have something useful or if I’ll discover a new way to communicate nothing. I probably don’t even have the prerequisite knowledge required to reach a meaningful conclusion. Either way, I’ll try but if I ever make something postible? That’s anyone’s guess.

Apparently not sleeping enough does impact my blog writing abilities, but I’ll try to make something anyways… You know what it’s been more than a week, I’ll just go for some more book titles, specifically:
12 book titles based on the word obligation.

  1. 5 Minute Obligations in The Modern World
  2. Obligated To Succeed – Overbearing, parents, siblings, coworkers, and more.
  3. Failed Obligations – and how they affect us
  4. Defining Everything in Terms of Obligation – Where it sticks and where it fails
  5. Living Obligations – and why we don’t take care of ourselves
  6. Musical Obligations – how the popular music of a society forces itself onto the members of said society
  7. Creative Obligations – and how to avoid pandering
  8. Unfulfilled Obligations Throughout History – and how they shape our modern problems
  9. Obligated to Play – Something something skinner boxes something something Dopamine addiction
  10. Obligated To Pay – How criminals treat currency
  11. Criminal Obligations – how the worst in society avoid the tragedy of the commons (aka snitched get stitches)
  12. Life Without Obligations – and how to keep a life rolling

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