Pre-Post 16

Today’s color is #fedca3 and now I’m writing the color in lower case.
In addition, I’m going to do this earlier in the morning.

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines – a few questions, and with the creative lines conjoined.

Why does not sleeping make me feel freer and more energized? (I had guard duty last night from 2 to 5.) Are there any similarities between sleep deprivation and drunkness? Is it disinhibiting? Am I that inhibited? (I assume most of us are but it’s probably just me. I do contradict myself but that’s just because I’m not sure.)
We do often hold conflicting knowledge as true because holding thoughts in the either true or false place takes mental effort. It’s why when reading something we just take what we’re reading to be true unless we specifically think otherwise. We are storing information, either it is the case or it is not the case. Maybe is us just deciding it isn’t important to know at all. The way we contain theories is by having a box of true information that goes together, that way if it contradicts the truth it belongs to a different realm and we can keep it that way.
The problem is we can have multiple conflicting things we store as truth, and it takes effort and causes us some discomfort when we realize it, as we spend time and energy holding information in the true/not-true place and have to work through it.
I’m not sure and I don’t know are simply true bits of information defining the presence of other information. Our brains don’t treat meta-information much differently, but meta-information is more likely to be stored as information liable to be changed.

So listen, I know this isn’t an ordinary pre-post, but pre-posts are supposed to take half an hour, and this kinda hijacked my entire train of thought. I cannot gurentee this won’t happen again. Anyway’s I hope you enjoy. Or learned something. Preferably both.

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