Pre-Post 17

Today’s color is #af3a15
I’ve noticed that the grammar in my pre-posts can be quite horrible, I shall go back to fix it next time I reread all my previous posts. So probably next Monday.

Three Questions:

How much time does it take to produce a creative work? Can you decide to create a creative work every week? Every month? I think you if given enough time you’ll be able to, but what do I know…

Why does dirt on the floor bother us? I know it’s probably cultural, for when the floor is dirt than we wouldn’t care? But what’s the basis of it?

Will I seek answers to these questions? (from all the pre-posts) Most of them are probably known. Could I probably find the answer to most of them in less than twenty minutes? Should I make a post about it? Well, sure, I will. When? Monday in two weeks. I just decided that Monday is follow up day. At least until I have something more important to do. So now the real question. How often do spur of the moment decisions come to fruition? Is it more or less likely than when you take time to think your decision through? There a question whose answer is both important and probably not researched enough. Maybe I should? Not now, time to get on with the post.

Four Creative* Lines:

Many things are and were considered high-class because it’s something only people of a high class do, can do, are willing to do (and can get away with doing). But throughout history, as people of low class became more wealthy they began to imitate the behaviors of the high-class people aka high-status activities. Those things remained a mark of status and a way to see cultured individuals from uncultured swine. but then most people started doing it so we more high-class activities came to be. My personal belief is that many of our cultural norms are activities that became normal in this way.

The longer a creative line the more thought and focus goes into it, and the more my mind focuses on it. And I’m not sure how many of my lines of thought are creative. Heck, I think I’m misusing the term line of thought. Well, I’m not misusing it, I’m redefining it. Creating something new.

A man was walking in the dark, unable to sleep with thoughts flowing through his mind. But he couldn’t think clearly he was tired his brain full of information and knowledge that he knew not how to use. So he tried to cerate simpler information, putting stuff together until he had easily terms and useful shorthands. So he began to put his mind in order and returned to his bed.
Yet at a later day his mind chaotic again, he did not want to sleep for if he slept we would forget something and everything that day was important, so again he reorganized extending shorthands and redefining terms.
One day he learned again what he thought he knew, he realized that he had lost parts of it, it had become something else completely throughout time, he had forgotten something but how?

Ideas can grow, but depending on what we put into them, teach them, and know in the first place, they can become something useless, something that already exists, or circle back into themselves.

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