Weekend Post

I do big learns tomorrow so that post may be great or may be iffy.

10 Ideas For Posts (hoping for more hits than misses)

  1. Big Learns – all about how we treat the information we acquire.
  2. 12 Ideas For Ways to Inspire Oneself
  3. Art Not Science – things that can benefit from a more scientific approach.
  4. Science Not Art – places where a scientific approach fails and where it is bound to fail.
  5. 10 Ideas For Better Septic Tank Design – not that I think I can do it better than the experts but imagine we have an unlimited budget or more space than there is currently available.
  6. When Is Humor Too Subtle – well Where and How would be an equally valid question and as well, but we are very flexible in our use of question words so I’m implying all three.
  7. 12 Things All Humans Can Do – I shall try to avoid being generic here, but I am leaving myself a margin for error.
  8. Don’t Laugh It’s Funny – but why though?
  9. 12 Things You Now Know About Computers – But based on research and only made useful in the TLDR, so you can choose to learn something or not. The title still feels condescending so at least half the entries will be things I don’t know now.
  10. Advancing Backwards – adopted technologies that are less effective then than their more primitive counterparts.

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