12 Things Humans Can Do

I’m not in the best state of mind for a post today and my brain hurts. So this time I’ll try to be more entertaining.

  1. Open Doors – make doors, define things as doors. Doors are more than just entrances, they are human in a way.
  2. Make Roads -what’s the difference between a road and a path? A road was made intentionally by a creature that could do things intentionally.
  3. Talk – a form of communication unique to us. (unless sentient aliens exist, but )
  4. Declare something as useless
  5. Chose what to consider as important – but it’s hard to stop considering things as important and some things feel important with no consideration. But some things don’t at first but we can create that as well.
  6. Lie – but animals can be equally deceptive. With intent, well, what constitutes intent for animals. What constitutes intent for animals though? It’s a contentious topic I do not sufficiently understand it, both sides make good points and, while I probably act in one way or the other, mentally I’m undetermined.
  7. Play Music – With instruments, some whales also produce something surprisingly similar to human music, with melodies and end phrases and all that. But instruments for sure.
  8. Make Instruments – well some monkies peel the bark off of sticks to get at ants better. But this is about bringing attention to what we are capable of, not dissing other species goddamit. and our instruments are more complex, we use them for more stuff. Also musical instruments, those are uniquely human.
  9. Write Blog Posts – I had to
  10. Interface with human technology – we’ve made it that way. And we are capable of learning to use almost everything we make, well as a species.
  11. Create our own games – form pen and paper and cardboards, and simply form words. We can always create a game to play, our tools are innumurable, and the rules can entertain or assist in tasks we are undertaking.
  12. Compound on existing information – (Is compound a stupid word to use here? it’s a quicky I don’t have the time for this.) Grow, learn form others, make up ideas. We create transferable information, and if you are reading this there is so much information for you to use, just a little work away.

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