Pre-Post 18

Today’s color is #bb447b

Three Questions:

What makes music dark? Is it just our associations? Is it dissonance? well if it is dissonance it is relative dissonance. But relative to what? The beginning of the piece? The music we’re used to?

Is there a value to playing something until you get sick of it? Can you actually gain the most enjoyment from doing one thing a lot over a short period of time and then being done and not having interest in it again? Is this idea completely divorced from reality? What about sunk cost fallacy, will that kick in?

What is the best way to be distracted? Is there a good way to be distracted? What distractions are worth removing from my life?

Four Creative* Lines:

I had a project today, it wasn’t as great as I expected and I am not as devoted to it as I wanted to be, still, I use it as an excuse for why I got this out late. There are good ways to be distracted, I’ve learned things at through distraction that helps me today, that provided me with more value than the action I was distracted from. But even that requires a bit of pre-planning. I can set my life up so that the actions I default to when distracted provide me benefit. I should buy more books.

Everything is better if you have planned in advance for at least part of it. Because if you aren’t following the plans you have both what it was and what it could have been. And this is most fun if you don’t know which one is better.

First, there were fidget cubes than there were fidget spinners. But why aren’t they a thing anymore (other than COVID19 they fell out of fashion before that)? Were they a fad? did people like using them because everyone used them? That invalidates the “it helps me focus” argument, or maybe it helped people forces because it was better than alternative activities, (from a listening to the teacher perspective,) actions like doodling. Maybe it was all just placebo. Or maybe it was just something fewer people needed, or maybe it was helpful but when it stopped being cool than people stopped for social reasons. The desire to fit in.

What’s the difference between lemonade and lemon juice? Lemonade sounds sweeter. Because lemons are identified with sourness but lemonade is not, or at least done so to a lesser degree.

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