10 Additional Ideas For Novels

Second post today, I started my first post went for a walk with my brother came back ate dinner, then realized it was 11:40 and I only had half a blog post. So another one of these it is.

  1. Am I But A Dog? – A dog gradually gains the sapience of a human.
  2. If Animals Had Wheels – An A.I is developed to build a virtual world and simulate evolution. But if you miss a detail when allowing for random small changes over time…
  3. How the world now works – A machine is created that can reprogram reality to a limited degree, the first thing done is to prevent the construction of a similar machine, changing a whole lot of other facets of reality in the process. The man who has access to the machine is king, but when the machine changes something, it changes everything.
  4. Scented Candles – a romantic crime novel
  5. Another Mans Kidney – A heartbreaking sequel (I was told this is to close to reality or too twisted as I intended it. I shouldn’t have asked I haven’t the time.)
  6. We Will Be As One – a dramatic conclusion
  7. Forgotten Brothers – The curse for immortality is that memories and records of your existence slowly fade away. And only the siblings of great historical figures had access to such things.
  8. A Newer Better Magic – when the old relics are actually useless, and every year the old masters become obsolete. But it still takes time to grow, and the old masters hold power and will not go out quietly.
  9. Toy Guns On A Battlefield – the children of soldiers are not soldiers themselves, and war only needs to look real from afar.
  10. 1 Minute Left – a time loop minimalized.

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