Pre-Post 19

Today’s color is #e32b4e similar to yesterday’s color but not really.

Three Questions:

How many of my old blog posts should I read today? 60? that gives me six days to do so? Should I edit them? Not more than grammar. Should I change that? yeah but only spelling mistakes other errors may change how they came across and I want to preserve some of my mistakes. Do I? Is it important to? Why does it feel like would be without integrity for me to change them? Should I feel that way?

Is it important to save what we said in the past? Did a little bit of whitewashing ever hurt anyone? Is this attitude what makes me so hesitant to express my opinions?

Am I a hypocrite? a lot of the time yes. Is it bad to be a hypocrite though? Good advice is good advice regardless of the source. But am I just trying to protect myself?

Four Creative* Lines:

She woke upand didn’t see anything, she tried to open her eyes but they were alread open, what was happening why was it dark. She felt around, and bumbed into the wall. Well she could move it wasn’t sleep paralysis and she was able to think clearly so she probably wasn’t drugged. She reached for her face and removed a blindfold…
Happy Birthday!!!”

That would be fun, writting a story from the perspecitve of a paranoid character. ONe who doesn’t trust anything but herself. Well she trusts people she trusts, but… I want a more subtle paranoia, an always perparedness, kind of looking foward to when everything will come crumbling down. “You’ll need me then, I will be valueable and helpful I will be a hero.”

I’ve just relized how much my pre-post content has changed (and hopfully improved) since I’ve started, but the ammount of time it takes me to come up with four creative lines with this definition is slightly rediculos, so last line be disinhibited. And for now I shall.

A man can walk a lot,
But we don’t and we laze around and get fat.
And, and, and and are our excuses for those things as well.

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