A Little Bit of Integrity…

…can go a long way.

But to be honest I don’t want to write a post today, but is not writing a post today lacking integrity? I do produce a decent amount of content and sometimes I feel like my pre-post is enough for the day. BUt that isn’t fully the case, so I’ll write something short about integrity.

Integrity is good to have, it’s healthy, at least in my opinion, and it goes both ways. If you have integrity you will be trusted. I do not have as much integrity as I would like to. But I want to, not the least for the very reasons that it adds more weight to my promises and helps me keep them. But waht did I want to say today?

Well see now I have created an excuse for myself, I can’t think of what I wanted to write I can’t get my thoughts in order, but in all honesty I probably can, my headache shouldn’t get in the way and all that.

And there I found an excuse to complain, an attempt at gaining sympathy (empathy? I forget which is which,) but also here I have found a theme for this post.

I like being inconsistent, because it leaves me free, and it means I have not yet made a decision allowing me to push that off and giving me an excuse to not put in my all.

So I am limiting the structure of my pre-posts, I shall designate a purpose for the different structures and try to stick to the most recent 2. Those are my favorite anyway, at least from a writing perspective.

But I’m done for today, my line of thought has been lost and I honestly don’t know how to continue. You may see a bit more of these in future pre-posts. See you tomorrow (or later if your not a daily reader) and I wish you the best.

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