Pre-Post 20

Today’s color is #0879f7

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

How much water does someone need to drink in a day? Drinking it all at once obviously doesn’t work, so how often is optimal? How does weather affect this? Do we need to drink less when it’s more humid out? Or does it work differently?

Do we sweat more when it is humid out? Or does water gather in inopportune places? Why would we sweat more when it is humid out? Does the water help the transfer of heat into our body, or does it slow the transfer of heat outwards? But that doesn’t make sense we sweat to make ourselves damp and cool ourselves? Or did that evolve in a drier climate, and when it is humid out, the heat is more easily transferred from the air? I’m going in circles, moving on.

Why do people cheat at casual games? There are no stakes, but we want to win. But why would we want to win enough that we would cheat the structure supposedly built for our enjoyment? Is cheating a challenge? Is there a way it can be more fun? Well, for some cheaters it is, it’s more about getting away with the cheating than winning the game they’re playing their own games. And there are even games built around that. By defining a penalty for cheating in the rules are games allowing for it? it becomes a viable option, a risk-reward decision. And there are games that are built around that when cheating is built into the game, is it really cheating?
If I want to continue this, I should provide it its own post, I’m losing coherency, and my tone is all over the place. Next!

So I have one questative line and a theme,
yet all I do is dream,
after this, I’ll exercise
cause’ my body is worse than the mean
So what’s next?

I can create today,
but I doubt I’ll think that way.
But tomorrow, I will probably spend some time with my father, and maybe the day after because there are things I can do to create today. I shall approach some of them, but when I get my new device, I’ll provide myself only with the proper learning and creating tools, but I wonder how long that will last. So I shall take a creative project that takes less than a week to complete, and than I shall have something by the time I decide to download digital leisure. Well, a week of days, there is a whole lot of holy days soon, and I may have a more religious focus.
Onwards to the end

But here there is

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