10 Quick (incomplete) Ideas

I got my new computer this evening and I decided not to set it up until tomorrow. Then I forgot to write a blog post, but now I remember so a quick phone post it is. I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense

  1. What you don’t yet know you can do.
  2. Harvesting humidity for cooling
  3. Perin and More – Specific pills (mostly placebo) for stress, inflammation, pain, and more.
  4. Leisure Watch – a watch, (be it physical or digital) that tells you when you wanted to be getting stuff done and when you’ve earned your leisure.
  5. Productive Time Optimizer – a measure for how long you can focus and what it takes to recover.
  6. Conversation Ender – generates polite, (or not depends on the settings) ways to get out of a conversation while preserving face. (Why you feel as if you’d lose face I’m not to judge.)
  7. Inevitable Clockwork – countdown to all things we believe to be inevitable, with accolades for those who made it otherwise.
  8. The Bed For You – a place you go to get good healthy bed measurements and recommendations.
  9. Keep it in Your Mind – Choose a topic of interest and information pertinent to it shall be presented on the front page of your phone. (I forget my words, so I make sure to know alternative words so that I can still try to communicate my ideas.)
  10. one angle mirror – well a few angles but you get the idea

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