Pre-Post 21

Today’s color is #ffee11 But I’m not sure if you see the same color as I do.

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

What resources could we harvest form meteors and asteroids? How much fuel would it take us to get there? How common and cheap does the fuel have to be for us to try and mine the meteors? What resource is most limited and when will we realize we’re using the wrong ones? Will it take us until we run out?

Can we assess how much energy it takes for an individual to perform specific mental tasks? We know the brain consumes energy. My hypothesis is that we can measure brain activity and make useful assessments through calorie consumption, and possibly blood flow to the brain. (I originally had something with calories here but I had to erase half of it because I realized my keyboard had been acting up.)

But how do we measure calorie consumption? And is there a better way to do so? Well, we probably could whit nanobots, but nanobots that could do this would be a super-technology that would change everything. How else? Would we need a better Mesure than calories? does our blood carry different amounts of oxygen to different parts of the body? Now that I think about it oxygen consumption would be a far better measure for this.
Could we make nanobots though? I don’t have a clue

You know what else I don’t have a clue about? what to write here, every other day. But it is good to keep asking questions, and I should seek answers for them as well. But why is it good to be asking questions? Unfortiently the answer I’m trying to come up with is big philosophical and complicated. A little answer would be that questions help us discover how the world works, and questions help us discover when we are wrong.

This may look like a freeform writing exercise, but there is something more going into it. A freeform writing exercise is when I decide to disinhibit myself, here I am trying to present create and ask. Really get my brain working. Failure is expected and success will eventually follow. But only if I continue to try. I just keep reminding myself to think and practicing doing so, for I do make mistakes, but I hate making mistakes and want to be better at overcoming them.

The structure is there, inside of us all. Nah that’s not exactly true, the only sturcutre inside of us are biological, anyhting more we have to either find, and if we can’t to create.

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