10 Ways to Inspire Oneself

Or 10 ways we may be able to inspire ourselves but for this I shall speak with certainty.

  1. Boredom – when you wake up, don’t entertain yourself, don’t do something fun, and you’ll find which “needs” are most appealing; why do you want to do that? Are you defaulting? To it or is there something enjoyable there? Is there something to look forward to? If the answer to any of these is yes. Then you have something to look forward too, and you’ll find your goals more inspiring.
  2. Goal Fantisation – If you have a goal, think of life, then life would be better, right? You have a dream, and you want to achieve it. Speak with certainty and claim your goals.
  3. Dream – I want, I need, but most importantly, I can be better. For what makes a human special is that once one does something, they can teach and pass it on to others. Art is appreciated partially because it cannot be recreated.
  4. Make Changes – We, well, I am at the very least, are afraid of change, and afraid to become something else by doing something new. So by changing something in your life, by becoming something different, you allow yourself to embrace other change and become inspired to do something you’ve been pushing off.
  5. Take a Break From Your 3 Biggest Time Wasters – or five, cut down on half you wasted free time and you’ll find new things to do. Inspiration will come from that
  6. Meditate – Back to this, meditation is always the answer at least during my posts. But how would ten minutes a day of sitting and not thinking help? Would it be like a nap? Time to refocus afterward? disconnection, seeing ones own thoughts, honestly the reasons meditation helps are not known to me and I’m not sure if their known at all, but there is some scientific proof that it works in some scenarios, and I believe that the things meditation helps with would help make someone more inspired. But since I haven’t decided on a concrete definition of inspired at the start of this post I may be wrong. But for the most common uses of the word, I’m right.
  7. Journal – What’s better to inspire yourself than to write it down. Write down what is interesting, write down why your day was boring if you want, but put your thoughts onto paper, some of them are bound to be interesting.
    (well, I’ve been somewhat basic, I’ve listed things that are easy and that I sometimes do, but this is a place for ideas, and those don’t have to be bound by the constraints of what I’m willing to do, or even by reality so let’s get to it.)
  8. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – LSD is a drug, and it can have adverse side effects, really bad adverse side effects even permanent ones so you’ve got to know what you’re doing (I am in no way condoning the taking of LSD, this is but a thought experiment with a narrow focus.). Unlike many other drugs though LSD is not addictive, and it even taking it once has permanent effects on an individual’s psyche so be warned, and it has been observed (but not confirmed), that taking LSD but once increases trait openness so know you know.
  9. No Food, or liquid calories water is fine, For an extended period (more than three days) – Do not do this if you are skinny or anorexic, but if you have calories to burn, this shall inspire you, and after a day or two when you stop feeling hungry, and if you have calories to burn you will stop feeling hungry, you’ll be less focused on food and have more time to do what inspires you.
  10. DO IT – Quit your life, you have a new life now. You had a job? Nah. You were living with your parents? it’ll be good for you to be alone. Do you have assets saved up? It’s either fuel for your goal or going to your family your whims shall have none of it, and your wants are irrelevant. Your inspiration is your dream it’s your highest value and spending on anything that doesn’t help you get there is a waste. You have a new life now, one of inspiration and of success, and of not giving up after a bad day or when the success isn’t apparent. You know you’re succeeding and you know you can do it. Even if it isn’t apparent to anybody else.

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