Pre-Post 22

Today’s color is #bb21d4

Today’s pre-post ending just being me planning out my life a bit and I didn’t care much for grammar, so it probably isn’t what you came here for. This evening’s post shall be back to my regular programming. (more or less, as I’m not that regular and programming is the wrong word, but you probably understand what I meant,)

Self-reflection and planning (This was meant to be TQ+FCL but I ended up writing this instead):

Why would upset be preferable to doing the exercises? They aren’t that hard, and they don’t require me to change much? Am I that lazy? No, I’m writing this, aren’t I, but why? Is it because they require I continue? Do I want to be distracted? Does it leave me alone with my thought? Why all the self-pity? I’m well off; my excuse for writing this here is because I suspect others are going through the same thing, so I shall share my experience and hope others can improve their own by seeing it (well parts of my experience.) So I shall do my exercises after this, then I shall watch the video and do the next exercises, and the next and the next. It may take me a few hours to get through all the videos, but by then, my daily exercise routine shall be only an hour-long. So I shall do that, I need to for my health and for my sanity.

I am perpetually distracted; when writing the previous post, I stopped to look at the hip exercises and spent 10 minutes distracted with those, and know I just spent 2 minutes flossing. But I think I figured out why; I feel as if there is something better I should be doing, but I don’t know what, so I hop from thing to think until I find something that distracts me enough that I waste all my time on it. I don’t do this all the time, but I do do this way too much.

I apologise that this per-post took this form, I’ve been somewhat introspective recently and know that I’ve sat down to think I’ve just been focusedon myself. I do hope you get something out of this but most of this post shall retain the same style and subject matter, and I don’t think I’ll focus too much on my grammar and presentation.
Anyways, I need to decide, what to become for the next few years what to do with my life, but I also need to think it through and not be stressed. So for my next week (Religous holidays and the like,) I shall create something. I have a new computer and I don’t hve any games installed, so I shall use a week to create one thing, something complete an achievement all fo my own. In addition for my mental and physical health and to encourage healthy habits, I shall pray every morning, practise piano for an hour, do an hour of exercsises, And I’ll keep writing this blog as well. I may put some time aside to orginize my data, and to move waht I want to kep form the old device to the new one. But that’s just if I have the time.

Why do I keep forgetting to clean and orginize my room? I know it will help me make better descision, seeing everything I have. But I always put something else, something omre important first. And i know this problem isn’t unique to me, a almost all of my friends have somewhat disorginized homes, but why do we refuse to do something about it? I don’t know, but what I do know is that since my next week is a bit of a mini dopamine detox I’ll do something about it. And if I don’t I’ll have a lot more data on why we don’t.


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