10 Book Ideas For The New Year

There won’t be any posts tomorrow, and the day after they’ll be no pre-post and my post will be focused on myself so come back in three days. Now I have a perfectly valid reason for this that being that the Jewish New Year is a two day holiday and we don’t do electronics on holidays (so 48 hours starting at around 6:20 today).

On the other hand, my only excuse for not pre-writing a post, was I forgot until yesterday, and yesterday I didn’t want to. So since I have barely an hour until the holiday starts let’s get to it. Well, let’s get to something my head hurts and so I’ll go for a book idea post. Those have become easy to make.

  1. 12 Things To Forgive This Year – Growing and how to let things go
  2. All Your Stuff – How to put things aside so that you’ll only remember them if you need to
  3. Cleaning Your Home – a guide to a clean home in 30 days
  4. Resetting your body – posture, muscle, diet, and more.
  5. Setting Achievable Goals – Need I say more?
  6. Better To Say – The unhealthy common secrets and the best way to let them go.
  7. Favorite Numbers – Developing a strong memory
  8. Colors By Sight – UPgrading your other sense so that you don’t need to know the words to remember
  9. Counting Your Blessings – Things you can be potentially thankful for, some you aren’t but these aren’t the most common, and at least 20 of them apply to you. This would also be quite the funny read.
  10. Making Sense – How to actually make good arguments this year. And which arguments are so irrational you should just ignore them. Also how to recognize irrationality.

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