10 Ways To Expand My Horizons

Well, I can’t know if these will actually expand my horizons or how because I can’t see beyond my horizons otherwise they wouldn’t be horizons. I can guess though so I’ll try that.

  1. Learn mechanics then work in a garage – it’s distant from my lifestyle. But just the working on cars would give me a better perspective on how the world works and probably more apretiation for the systems we already have in place.
  2. Learing more about statistics and discision making – I’ll get how the big guys do it, and a better sense of why things go wrong.
  3. Learing more about advanced but apilicible math – and physics to go along with it, sense of how the world works, and more tool to apretiate it.
  4. Try to use scientific method to gather information, research than write about a subject – this seems like it will, because the subject I first chose was forgivness and my current understanding of the subject is “It’s complicated.”
  5. Actually get out of my house more – the current enviorns get in the way, but not that much.
  6. FInaly learn to drive – I am seriously afraid of cars, and rightfully so, and I don’t trust myself enough to drive one.
  7. Get around regardless
  8. Three month hike – well a few weeks would also have some effect but I haven’t done this and believe this will give me better apretiation and perspective. (I know I noticed I interpert the frace expand your horizons in a matter different form the norm.)
  9. Try to get a job I con’t feel qualfied for – slowly reduce my standeards untill I find where I’m actually valued at and what I need to get where I want to. (or I’ll relize I need to quit said job because I don’t know what I’m doing, but does this job actually need to be done? Is me being there simply getting who would normally be there out of the way? But then it would be wrong to collect money doing nothing so, questions for later. But not much later.)
  10. Actually try to sell a product – I know it’s hard, but I don’t actually know whats hard about it and what would be doing something wrong.
    – + 2
  11. Start a weekly video or podcast channel – better sense of what I can do, and more.
  12. Actually post my more ambitious writtings, put effort into getting it read – than I could know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

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