12 Non-Curse Curses

I tried another post today, but it was about people and I haven’t interacted enough with people to create a post of that type. At least if I don’t want it to be misleading. So instead I’ll make it silly.

  1. Frickity frock that’s a load of crock
  2. Frickity frack, are you on crack?
  3. Eat some fruit ya pirate
  4. Pickidy poo, what’s wrong with you?
  5. Lickidy knee, what’s wrong with me?
    (it should probably go Lickady, but I’m spelling it as it sounds. At least to me.)
  6. Pretzel Twister – also an insult, I need more exclamations, well I have more exclamations but I need ones that are I can spell in English. I can’t just have P’cnlhc, it doesn’t communicate clearly the impact.
  7. Snake eggs – an exclamation
  8. Tick Eater – back to personal insults I guess
  9. Nostalgia Bait – wow know I’m just getting hurtful, but I try to be too clever at times so let me go for something smaller.
  10. Maximum Overhole
  11. Minimus thinkus
  12. Pen Tumbler

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