Pre-Post 24

Today’s color is #132088 And today I shall allow myself to accept that which I reject at face value.

Three Questions:

How does our brain process information we know to be wrong? Do we believe it anyway? Does it add a not statement every time we would bring it up? (well my terminology is wrong). Does our brain just add another bit of information about the thing we know to be wrong? Or is there a different mechanism for this type of thing?

Are there distinct mechanisms in our brains at all? Is the software metaphor relevant or useful? And can the release of hormones, if we could theoretically track them perfectly, produce predictable effects? Or is there too much going on?

What can we predict? The behavior of computers often, but what about things we haven’t created? The flow of water, trenchantly but there is a lot of it and lots of things are having an effect, the movement of river banks less so, because water flow as a result of more rain can alter the trajectory somewhat. But we can make pretty good approximations. What is an accurate prediction? Nd what is just close approximation?

Four Creative* Lines:

But I can’t help but whine.

So I shall think and put in effort to make a bit more, but not too much effort I’m fasting today and my brain needs water. Does it? I’m not that sure, does doing high effort thought activities make you thirstier? Probably.
But that isn’t creative.

I will write two hundred and twenty-seven words here. But I don’t even know how many words to count the first sentence as… Numbers are words, change my mind. And that coincides with what was once the purpose of this blog, I put ideas out I think things through, and if I’m wrong I can see that the next day. But from the very first post I didn’t follow my own plans, I try to create regardless, but some days it doesn’t come to me, this for example, which I am thinking of as two creative lines, is something I’m not sure if to define as creative. On one hand, I am putting words ot my thoughts and putting it out there, on the other hand, it doesn’t feel original or creative. I’m just talking, well, writing. And when I did that last night, well, I’m not sure about that. It’s not the most comprehensible thing I’ve ever done, and there is inconsistency of thought there. A bit of an attempt at justification, and something which is either deep or an explanation made up after the fact for my previous behavior. And I’m can’t tell which of the above it is.
I should probably make more line brakes here, as it looks too much like a block of text, and I occasionally get lost in those, read the same line 4 times and all that, but I also feel like a meaningless line break, is well meaningless. More distraction than anything else. So have a nice day, I’ve already written more than two hundred and twenty-seven words here by any count. And have a nice week in addition to the promised nice day.

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