I’ll Be Taking A Break From This

I’ve been having a lot of trouble coming up with what to write for this and I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to come up with things for this and it hasn’t been going anywhere. So I’ll stop trying for a week or two. Not to say I’ll stop posting stuff and my pre-posts will still happen, but if there are things that I write that you find particularly interesting don’t expect to see much of that (unless it’s book idea posts, l can probably write a few hundred of those. Just give me a few days between them.) until I get my… well until I get my stuff back in order.

I am simply unwilling to stop because I don’t know if I’ll start again, so if you do like and follow my content I would recommend just skimming the titles and seeing what’s interesting. When I feel my thoughts are back in order I’ll title that days pre-post I’m Back. So see you then.

9 Equally Bright Colors (well they should be.)

  1. #7711ee
  2. #1119ee
  3. #eee611
  4. #ee1119
  5. #11eee6
  6. #ee1188
  7. #11ee77
  8. #1188ee
  9. #ee7811

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