Pre-Post 25

Today’s color is #21bb4d I know, it’s a little lazy but what am I to do?

Three Questions:

What is the bird with the fastest airspeed velocity? What bird travels the most distance over the course of a year? What bird covers the most distance over the course of a month?

Can we create machines that fly like birds? Would they be energy efficient? Is nature energy efficient, or is it about getting to the energy, the food, fastest? Many herbivores are slow and live energy efficient lifestyles, but others are based on moving really fast, and that’s not an efficient use of energy. Now I don’t doubt that they move fast as efficiently, but, I don’t know, Hummingbirds = Not efficient, so can we learn strategies for the more efficient use of energy from nature? That’ll be my question.
And can we learn strategies for efficiency from hummingbirds or the like? With the amount of energy they use, every percentage of efficiency counts.

Four Creative* Lines:

Questions are asked in order to acquire information. (In theory, in practice there are many other rhetorical uses.) And the reason I see many questions as one I’m not often satisfied with the first answer.
The other reason is that I tend to be asking a lot of things when I ask one question, and I am simply putting out here the follow-up questions and the ones normally left unasked.

I am creative, I am I AM I AM, I don’t need to prove it.
But I do, someone creative is one who creates, and without creating I can be at most imaginitive. So I shall create an idea, an attempt at something resembling poetery in 2 lines, that being 8 lines of text.

One day wake up the next day sleep,
have I acomplished something deep?

One day asleep and the next awake,
What will be left in my wake?

One year pass and memory remains,
How long will my creations sustain?

One becomes ten and ten becomes more,
When taken for granted my self is ignored.

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