A Thing

I must write something every day, I said I would. Well my pre-posts would fulfill that obligation, but I feel obligated to do more, but in all honesty, I don’t want to. So to get it out of my way I’ll write something soon after writing my pre-posts daily, and until I’m Back I’ll satisfy myself with editing that a bit. But then to my own things and my own work.

But here is a thing, it is a big thing, but not too big. It holds within it a lot of potential, but when it is just a thing the only purpose it can serve is that of a Macguffin. And yet the thing assumes it is much it can be much it will be everything. But it mistakes can with will, and with effort it can be anything, but it cannot be everything, and knowing that within itself it chooses not to become anything, until in time, it is lost.

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