Pre-Post 27 +

Today’s color is #34768a

Three Questions:

If given infinite resources for an hour what would I do? What would you do? Would we try to enrich ourselves or to fix world issues? Would it actually help in the long run?

How often do quick fixes backfire? Is there any way to produce a decent approximation? Would this data actually affect people’s behavior or would whatever biases are already there kick in?

What can we do in order to make car accidents less likely? Well, drive less, find some new-fangled car upgrade, etc. But what simple habit can be adopted by a majority of people that will make it less likely? Maybe car etiquette, where what is socially acceptable to do is what is safe? We’ll but if nobody knows it’s you social pressure loses most of its impact. So how do we fix that?

10 One Liners (I’m not feeling creative, so I’ll try a different method)

  1. A one-liner should be one line long
  2. You’re slightly better than him slightly
  3. Many times have I tried this, but only with you has it worked
  4. Thank you, friend, without your feeble attempts at stopping me I would never have gotten this far.
  5. Life is longer when you’re with me
  6. Many have failed before, but when one guy succeeds everyone thinks they can do it.
  7. A teacher is not necessary, you only need someone to copy.
  8. Context is important, that’s why there is none.
  9. Say what you will but… Well say it we’ll see.
  10. The downside of a just and moral society is an overabundance of living idiots.

I have 37 minutes of time left until my computer runs out of battery, and the electricity is out so I won’t be able to another post right after this one, if the electricity is back today, I’ll probably write a short post then.

(this isn’t changing the post it’s adding to it)
Well, the electricity is back but I don’t think I’ll write another post today. I think until I’m Back I’ll have my daily posts be something similar to this I hope to be back with it within two weeks. So goodnight and I hope to see you then.

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