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Three Questions + Four Creative Lines:

Can you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped? Change someone for their better? There are methods with which nearly anyone can be changed, but I don’t agree with most of those on moral grounds. But what about criminals and prisoners? They too have rights, so let us focus on changing them through positive and moral means? But is it possible, or is it a waste of resources? Well, maybe some of them want to change even if only not to be where they are now. So what about helping people who want to change, that should be easier? Shouldn’t it? But first, you must distinguish between who wants to change, who is willing to change, and they who are unwilling to change their ways.

How can we tell what people want? I do not know.
But what about what people tell you they want? Can asking a question multiple times give you a better sense of the answer? How much time between the question how many times to ask? Is a simple survey enough? a question on the wall, or does it just become habit. Do YOU want to change to become someone who can get out of this place? And are YOU willing to change your behavior in {x, y, z} ways? Is that enough, a question on the wall so that when people reach the moment they are willing they will go to you of their own accord?
Not a perfect answer but something.

Who do we trust to be moral, and who do we want to put education in the hands of? Do we trust ourselves enough? And are our morals sufficient for people who struggle with our systems?
The issue lies here, not in the capacity for change but in our willingness to let those who represent us push their ideals onto other. But if their ideas are different from our own why do they represent us? There are few places where this still stands as we often give them authority to teach our children, but at the same time we still have access to our children and their teachings, so we can help our children grow. But while we don’t want to see the darkness and those who have wronged us we are unwilling to put their thoughts under our systems control. And so we propagate something we are unsatisfied with.

10 Book Title ideas For Today

  1. Overly Unrepresented
  2. Victims Of Ourselves
  3. Self Propagating Deceptions
  4. …And A Happy End For All…
  5. lower case masterpiece
  6. Invisible Growths – for good and ill
  7. Overuse Of The Hyphen
  8. A Cause To Avoid Concern
  9. The Greatest Jobs For Your Psyche
  10. Evolution Of “The Masses”

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