Weekend Post

And I’ve pushed this off a bit too far so here are as many questions as I can think of in the 25 minutes left to me. So I’ll see if I can create a pseudo-pre-post. Well, it was supposed to be a pseudo-pre-post but I got distracted by a different idea.

Questions And An Idea:

How often are do we have a conversation where both sides are talking about different things? How often do we speak about the exact same thing? Can we create a measure for how two-sided a conversation is?
Are people just talking to themselves? I’ve heard once that when having a conversation with another person you’re not talking to them but to a caricature, you have of them (a straw man if you will) and they have to say something that completely breaks immersion or you’ll keep listening to them in that way.

That also aligns itself with the idea* that you can only convince someone if you are willing to be convinced by them, because then at least you are thinking of them as something similar to yourself. A independent thinking being who reached different conclusions, and not necessarily because they are wrong, or have different information.

But for now, I rest and hope you all a great week.

*I get a lot of traction out of on not defining the word Idea

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