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Today’s color is #44f1ae

Three Questions:

What is the most technical question I can ask? Not this one that’s for sure? Would the answer be obvious, would it be something mathematical? Computer programing? We invented programming languages but maybe something related to martial arts? That requires a lot of technical skill and experts can probably explain a lot more about how the body works and what is needed to obtain said skill.

Why is this so hard sometimes, I started witting this three hours ago and yet, I do not have a second question, so here is the trick. If I can’t come up with one, I need to come up with ten.

Three Ten Questions:

What is so good about something being natural? Natural as opposed to what? Man made? Is it the mass production?
Maybe it’s natural caution we are aware of many of the things that go into mass production and are simply caution of what else may be put into or onto the products and food we consume?
But why is it natural caution, do we identify natural as what is from us, or the same source as us? Is using something made out of materials derived from someone else’s actions a lack of autonomy? Or is it something else…

Okay, half an hour and every question I came up with was absolute nonsense. So let me try to create something quickly but if in twenty minutes I still don’t have anything I’m declaring myself temporarily burnt out.

Well, it seems a joke must suffice.

12 Words Of Wisdom

  1. Truth.
  2. Lies.
  3. And.
  4. Counting

One comment

  1. And aren’t we all creatures of nature, so that in the end it’s all natural?
    And who determines when a question is good? What for you might be a throwaway another person might find the work of a lifetime.
    How many dimensions? physicists, spiritualists
    Why do lightbulbs have the bases they do?
    How long would it take for the world to go to heck if there were an EMP?
    What skills would let us live?
    What are the odds?
    Should we prepare?
    What science would we still be able to use if we had limited access to materials?
    How were foods preserved without refrigeration?
    What were the health effects?
    Did it matter?
    Is a number a word?
    What assumptions do the languages we use cause us to make?

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