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So I got busy this morning de-ticked the dog, and couldn’t come up with much for this. Expect more tomorrow and have a nice day.

An Idea

With 4 hours of training can I gain the ability to recognize a number of objects up to 8 without counting them? What is the cap, I’ve been told we humans can only recognize four but is it trainable? How much time will it save me in the long run and should I put the 20 something hours into figuring that out? What would the training look like? Well, I have a few ideas, well two ideas. More may come later
Grouping, we recognize four groups of two, we don’t need to count until two, and for many things, we can go for three or four, or whatever number. The only problem with this is that it has to be organized in some manner otherwise anything more than two becomes hard. 20 minutes a day until you get if you miss a day or two it’s no big deal.
Angled-Grouping, once you can group well form organized objects, say matchsticks, rotate some of them at random and make the distances between them uneven than try again if it’s to hard make the differences minor, but train yourself to group. 20 minutes a day until you get if you miss a day or two it’s no big deal. (Yeah I said it twice what are you going ot do about it.)
The Hard Way, just look at groups of objects between 1 to 8 and try, try some more. Tell yourself your wrong, do 10 minutes of counting exercises before and do it for 20 minutes a day for 12 taking a 2-day break every 4 days for a total of 16 days.

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