Pre-Post Post 6

I am nearing the point in which I will return to making normal posts. A few more days and I’ll be back.

Today’s color is #cb2114

Three “How” Questions + And Creative* Lines (Four of them, but they are about the How questions.):

How do I handle a social life in 2020 while retaining some degree of privacy? What if I want to interact with people who don’t know any better? Why is privacy important to me? I don’t have what to hide. Well, I do but not in the legal sense.

How come I… How come means the same thing as Why. How is a versatile question word as it can refer to the same things as other question words? Well, most question words have become quite flexible. How would I use How in place of the 5 W’s? A little puzzle for you to pass the time and become smarter. (In a sense. I shall do this once I am done writing this post)

How much is the minimal amount of effort it takes to get into something, even if you have no interest in the particular subject to begin with? How come people can spend years on topics without acquiring much of an interest? How come we resist? Or do we need to put in effort to become interested?

How else could I end this section? Three words one question How, Else, and Could. That’s what makes the word how so special, it makes other words into questions can change their uses without changing their meaning.

  1. How could
  2. How else
  3. How would
  4. But, how?
  5. How come
  6. how to
  7. how much (time, longer, other options)
  8. How far
  9. How close
  10. How possible
  11. How difficult
  12. How is

One comment

  1. How now?
    Who – How is that a person?
    What up – How de do?
    When – How much time . . . ?
    Where – How would I know?
    Why – How so?

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