Pre-Post Post 7

Today’s color is #e7ee8e

Three Questions:

What genre of music is most inclusive? What genre of music constitutes the greatest number of songs? How would I define a genre? I can’t define it on what is casually understood because classical would refer to way too much. But how should I qualify the word genre for this question?
Well, the real question is, point am I trying to make with this? (Not with the question but with the answer I present)

Do we actually want to know? How quickly does the pursuit of knowledge become the pursuit of proof and the pursuit of proof into the pursuit of being right? Many experts were unwilling to approach their mistake but science advance because of them, and the others willing to challenge them. But I don’t know where I’m going with this, so I’ll move on to the next one.

Am I smart? Is it training a difference in mind? OR do I just want to put myself above others somehow? I think it may be the latter because I am constantly reminding myself to consider the wants and needs of others. And I believe it is because I need to remind myself not to underestimate their being.

It’s a holiday tomorrow and I still have some cleaning today, so I’m skipping the hardest part of this post.

See you tomorrow (well tomorrow night), I shall be back soon. But not that soon.

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