Weekend Post (again)

I’ll just ask a few questions and plan out tomorrow. (but the planning out tomorrow won’t be here)

Today’s color is #2194d4

Three Questions + Four Creative Lines (but shorter this time):

How would having a mockable name affect your life? What makes a name mockable? How old does a name have to be for it to no longer be considered an old person name?

Why are we afraid to ask? Is it self-image? Vanity? Do we feel stupid? Some social pressure? IAre these question marks getting annoying? Regardless once I start writing I’m less afraid to act so I shall try to keep it so.

But a new question is hard for I begin to think anew.

What is the use of my questions if I don’t see answers? Will anyone reading this ever do so? I am aware that answers are already known to many of them, but does that make them more valuable? As I am more likely to learn and continue on as a result of them. Or less valuable? Because if I work to find and create answers that are not yet known, I am adding much to those with similar interests and those that can create something good out of the knowledge I discover.

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