Pre-Post Post 8

I’m writting this late because I didn’t care much this mo
My Creativity has no limits but those I set for myself (well, it is limited by my lifespan for even if thousands of t). But to make content I limit myself and hold myself back. I redefined both question and line in order within those limits, in order to subvert them in a way.
But can’t I just remove them? I’m not sure if I should…
Tomorrow I shall either return to this with intent or write my 5,000 words beginning to a story and post it on Royal Road (not because of a similar style to what is mostly found there, but a story posted there made me feel I could, so I will. It will also be under a pseudonym so my parents won’t read it until I feel I can thoroughly impress them.) If it is worth reading it shall be read.

Today’s color is Very red, #ff0900 if you must know.

Four Creative* Lines + Three Questions (I feel I should put creativity first today, but let’s see if creativity happens. I do have multiple stories in construction in my head.):

Today I like words. Because words, I don’t know why but they are what I’m thinking about. What are words but well little particles of communication? Human communication, but not necessarily. Does the word apply only to human speech? And what it communicates may change over time. Maybe calling them elements of communication would be more accurate (as in chemistry.) as ions exits, and they may gain and lose charge over time. In that sense, particles of communication would define

And then she was gone, and I suddenly grew up.
I had not wanted too, but I didn’t have the choice.
At the very least, I was well prepared; I was going to do this right, I would not become some half-formed adult.
(And it would take too much thought and time to continue this right now and get the post done. I’m not that in tune with the character. Comment if you think my priorities in writing these should be changed.)

If the child is forever your baby, where will the adults come from?

What is the most effective communication method? Smells for communicating the most in the least time, but it’s limited in scope, and it isn’t very clear. Writing for long term storage, but with recording… writing can be consumed faster than recording, so there’s that. And speech can communicate much more efficiently than smell, and you can mix sounds in. However, it still has a bit of a clarity issue, and when something isn’t clear in speech, communication is still taken as received even when it is a miscommunication. Still, writting and recordings can have that same issue but to a lesser extent as they can be locked and listened over multiple times, but I think writing wins on that front. Anyways communication is complicated, and I didn’t even take what language is being used into consideration. So I’ll have fun with this and hope you do too.

As always have a nice day.

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