Mostly Unstructured Post

Today’s color is #ffa609, just as red as yesterday’s color in a sense, but something is red not just in the abundance of red light but in the absence of other colors. Of course, how they are mixed matters and what pattern they are presented in, but if we have the visual ability to recognize the pattern, then we say it consists of two colors and not one color made up of two different colors.

There are 3 questions and four creative* lines somewhere in this post.

But today’s post will be mostly unstructured so I have no clue what to write here.

But I have and idea. I’ll pretend as if I actually have an idea.

So what is an idea? Well, I’m not prepared to try and answer this. I am way too stressed.
So why am I stressed? Because I want to make something, but I’m deathly afraid of sharing things with the world and get stressed trying to write something perfect?
Why isn’t that a problem here? Because I’ve been doing this for over a year now and writing daily means, I don’t give myself the time the room to do this perfectly. I’m trying to have a life, and while I’d prefer to take an hour a day on this blog, I’m not willing to spend more than 2. I still do when there is something interesting I want to explore here, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

In fact a lot of things I don’t end up writing or putting here is because of my fear of sharing something wrong or imperfect. So I only allow myself to share things that are allowed to be imperfect or that aren’t meant to be perfect.

So what does it mean to be perfect? Without flaw? Without waste? Conversion of energy to result with nothing going the other way? Is it the optimal emotional state? Can there be a perfect moment not because everything in the place is perfect but because we reached the emotional peak and to change anything that would make the emotional peak sweater (for lack of a better word) would make it no longer be the peak?
But what about a perfect experience what makes that? Well, if we think it is so it is so unless someone proves an even better experience.
So is perfect relative? Sometimes.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? I don’t care but I watched that movie way too much, so almost every time I start my Three Questions, that’s the first question to pop into my head.

Why did Hitler kill himself? Did he regret his actions? Did he think it was all worthwhile towards an end goal (one that is despicable but I don’t think he believed that)? Did he not want to go on trial? Did he actually believe what he preached? Well, probably for the last one, but did he believe that in his obsession with control he doomed his end goal? Well, we’ll probably never know, but we still need to understand the mind of evil and the world that creates it.

Why did I feel the need to designate that Hitlers’ end goal was despicable? Isn’t it known to be the case? Would I be judged for not doing so? Probably not, but I felt the need to do so anyway. So the why of that shall occupy my thoughts for a while.

It is actually easier to make a structured post than an unstructured one, but I wanted to try anyways.
So as always have a nice day/night, and see you tomorrow.

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