Pre-Post 28

I’m not sure if I’m back yet I’ll see after my second post today.

Today’s color is #d4b 3e2

Three Questions:

What is the best possible physical shape for a living being to be in? What exercises are best for longevity? Exercises that are good for heart health? If the heart begins to fail others soon follow. How big of a role does diet play? Can we make changes and expect predictable results? (Unless we die in a car crash or something external.) How much will my lifestyle now affect me in my old age?

What is the airspeed… No no not this again. How long does it take for? The same question and all that. How many different ways can I ask what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? I did look up the answer but I’m not sharing that secret here.
They say there are no such things as stupid questions, but I don’t think I’m treating this one as a question so I’ll pass on to the next one.

Why do I need to do anything? Well, I want to help to create to become something more, so I do things in order to achieve some of those things. But what about things I need to do? Not things I need to do to live but I feel a need to do them anyway. So why are those things important to me? And how much of it is just habit?

Four Creative* Lines:

A line for you, a line for my there’s a line for… That sounds wrong; let me try again.
How many creative lines did YOU… nope too judgy, and not original at all.
Is creative original? No, but that isn’t the focus right now.
What was the first creative line? And what was the first idiotic question?
I’m better at questions than lines, probably due to ignorance on my part because I want to create.

Fear is a beautiful thing; without it, all would die.
Fear is a beautiful thing; when danger chases, we get energized.
Fear is a beautiful thing, refusing to be denied.
Fear is a beautiful thing, but it cannot stand as a tyrant on a gilded throne.
Our fear is a tool, nothing more than that, and it has not much it can do when it’s authority is challenged. Still, it will bite at your heels and try to stop you, for if you find more beauty…
Fear is a beautiful thing, but its jealousy can’t be denied.

That was at least two creative lines because I had to think it through and abandon it to complete it. It is an example of the creative process, and while creative does not constitute good I cannot tell which way I am going until I reach an end.

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