Pre-Post Post 9

My socialization hasn’t been going well, so I won’t have my story done until tomorrow. Also I started this early but got distracted so this is going up late.

Today’s color is #14a388

Three Questions:

How would we make aglets obsolete? Are there any reasons for anyone to invest their time and effort into making non-fraying shoelaces? Is there non-fraying string, and are shoelace companies just cheap? ( or do they prefer laces that fall apart quicker, so that they can sell more. It’s not an uncommon practice.)

How would the world look if we had a base 14 clock? Would minutes change? Would the hour equivalent become longer or shorter?

Base 12 or base 6? Both make fractions easier, with base 12 being superior in that regard. Still, with base 6 it’s much easier to count to 30 using your hands (and while binary get’s you the highest total, base 6 requires far less manual dexterity and is easier to keep track of.) Will we ever start counting in a different base? I doubt it. If there was an apocalyptic event, would people return to counting base 10? Well, it depends on the apocalypse…

Four Creative* Lines

Unless I’m in a particularly creative mood I will from now on, fuse this into the four questions as I’ve been doing half the time anyways. The questions seem to be the best way to get my thoguhts moving and these oft end up not going anywhere.

Oft, is one of my favorite words it takes less efort to say than often and itmakes me sound smarter, well it proabbly makes me sound like someone who is trying to look smarter, but I like the word anyway and will use it more.

These lines are less creative than they could be and I point this out way too often.

Poetry is a thing I oft fail att but even more often do I belive that I shall succed and creatie great art.
I am good at lying to myself but I hope that one day it shall be true.

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