Pre-Post 29

Today’s color is #af2e55

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

Do we actually know what is best for ourselves? We can get a pretty good understanding of our own needs and if we can’t then there are experts or family that can help. But when they get things wrong… well if they get it wrong enough you can cause a lot of harm to yourself, but it’s pretty darn easy to hurt yourself so…
I don’t know what I’m going for here so I’ll move on for now.

How long does it take for the fastest growing tree to grow to 5 meters in height when planted as a seed in optimal conditions? What fruit tree takes the least time to fruit if you don’t have much control over the environment. Will cacti be better sources of fruit? Depends, so we need one for water-rich and poor environs and a way to feed ourselves in the meantime, one tree will take years to reach the point when it can sustain an individual for a few months during the year. And even then not so well.

Why is favorite color so important? Why? Isn’t it weird to expect ourselves to chose what color we like the most?

Why are birthdays important? What happened to coming of age ceremonies? What represents coming of age in modern society? Well, what is it in the united states? What is it in various European countries?

Why is favoritism considered childish? It is quite the bane on human hierarchies at least in the modern sense where favoritism is only applied to that which is undeserved. It is as common in adults as in childeren…

I have no clue how to continue this today, I’m just not thinking clearly enough.

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