Pre-Post Post 10 (Be Back Tomorrow)

Tomorrow is the whole sabbath so no pre-post, but after the holiday I’ll go back to my ordinary postings. In fact I even have a premise for that post: Comedy Character Characterization.

Today’s color is #a0eedd

Three Questions + Four Creative* Lines:

And the first place I tried to go here where some deep sounding bit about how the universe works and science. Some things I am willing to misconstrue even if by accident. So what am I willing to be wrong about? Well, most anything if I’m not thinking about it, ideas, even when I’m thinking about them, are things I can be wrong with as they are works in progress and I am willing (and I suspect myself to be) wrong about things I am learning.
What are you willing to be wrong about?

Defenestration is the act of throwing someone out a window. I know this because my brother really likes the word, it may even be his favorite word. But what does it mean to have a favorite word? We don’t often rank words. What does it mean to have a favorite anything? Something that is favored is put above others of it’s kind, and with favorite color can be reflected on how you dress. But favorite word? does it mean you use it instead of other applicable words? I’ll stick with that for now.

When can something be considered a language? When was a man first considered wise? What consitutes wisdom in different cultures? I don’t know but I’ve already spent more mental effort on this than I weanted to so see you tomorrow.

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